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Founded by two friends with a passion for music.

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Hailing from the Rocky Mountains of Utah, Nick Sefakis is an American Roots-Reggae Artist, Producer, and Multi-Instrumentalist, most commonly known for his role as guitarist and vocalist in the band Iya Terra. He joined in 2014 and, as they gained popularity, he quickly became known as an ambassador in the modern reggae world with his powerful voice, commanding stage presence, & innovative production techniques. His albums are self-produced at his studio Enoch Sound Studio. Nick released his debut album “Foundation” in 2020. Followed by a remix version titled “Foundation in Dub". Shortly after that, he released a collaboration EP with lead singer of John Brown's Body titled “Nick Sefakis Meets Elliot Martin”. 
 In 2022, he released three singles and delivered his second full length album (17 songs) titled “Hear My Sound”. First single with Denver based reggae collaborative The Autos titled "Will of Jah", second single with Marcus Gad titled "Spirit of Love", & third single titled “Live & Learn”. 
 Some more notable collaborations Nick has been a part of recently are "Burn Them Out" w Green Lion Crew, "Purpose" w/ Sensi Trails, "Do Good" w/ Eureka Sound, "We Are The Solution" w/ Kat Hall , "Wicked Ways" w/ Kyle Smith


Braden Lee Waiters is a young blues artist that pulls from the sounds of the past. Keeping roots-blues music alive and well in a modern style. From the small town of Lakepoint Utah, he moved to LA as the guitar tech for touring band, Iya Terra. His debut album "Deep Blues" is available everywhere now!

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